Friday, 21 February 2014

The Old Boys of Coburg High School go to war

Image of Coburg High School Honour Board, courtesy Coburg High School Historical GroupThis Honour Board lists past students who served in both World Wars.

The Victorian Education Department only became a provider of secondary education in the early years of the twentieth century and not many children continued their education after they finished Grade 8 at their local primary school.  Those who showed academic promise got their chance at further education, but the fact that parents had to pay £6 a year to send their children to secondary school was a factor and many children had to go to work to help the family. 
Coburg High School opened in 1912, although the school building (opposite the State School and now demolished) was not occupied until 1916. 
These are the old boys who served in World War One. I have added their given names. Most of them were in the first intake of pupils into the school in 1912, just a few years before hostilities began. The rest (Bowen, Buzaglo, Groves, Head, Jarvie, Scott, Sherlock, Tait, Templeton and Walker) began at the school in 1913. Some, like Buzaglo, Dailey, Fedderson, Finchett, Groves, Jarvie and Smith had been old boys of Coburg State School and feature in the Coburg State School Soldiers Book.
V.W. Aldred (Victor)
R. Anderson (Robert)
J.N. Bartley (teacher)
C. Bowen (Cyril)
L. Buzaglo (Leslie)
W.T. Dailey (William)
L. Delaney (Leslie)
H.N. Edwards (Harold)
J.J. Fedderson (John)
C.E. Finchett (Charles)
R.H. Floyd (Robert)
W. Forbes (Wallace)
R.J. Groves (Robert)
A. Head (Arthur)
W. Hill (William)
K.W. Jarvie (Keith)
C. Priestley (Clive)
V. Rapley (Victor, KIA)
A. H. Reynolds (Arthur)
V. Rogers (Victor)
S. Scott (Stephen)
F. Sherlock (Frederick)
F. Smith (Frederick)
C.F. Sullivan (teacher – died on service)
C. Tait (Charlie)
W. Templeton (Wallace)
J.A. Walker (James)

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