Monday, 19 May 2014

Paul Ham's '1914'

In my last entry, I wrote about Margaret MacMillan's recently published book The war that ended peace.

Another writer, Australian historian Paul Ham, has written about the same thing and reached many of the same conclusions. 

You can listen to Paul Ham talking about his book, 1914, on the Random House website.

And if you want to explore more deeply the significance of the year 1914, I highly recommend Eric Hobsbawn's 1994 book The Short Twentieth Century in which he argues that the twentieth century began with the first year of WW1 and ended with the fall of the Soviet bloc. 

You can watch Eric Hobsbawn talking about The Short Twentieth Century here. It's about the whole of the period but it gives us another way of putting World War One and the years that followed into a wider context.

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