Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Artillery practice at Broadmeadows

Australian Expeditionary Force at Broadmeadows. Artillery practice with the 18 pounder quick firing guns. From a stereographic slide by Geo. Rose. Image courtesy Coburg Historical Society.   

The young man at the back of the trio seems to be in a shiny new uniform, as does the fellow in front of him. I’m not so sure about the chap on the left who appears to be looking through the sight of the gun. I’m guessing that he’s a bit older than the others and judging by the state of his hat, he could well have had previous military experience. All conjecture, of course, and I’d be interested in hearing your take on the situation.

What interests me most in this photograph is the long line of spectators who are watching the three soldiers intently. I wonder what they made of it all? And in the background are the ubiquitous tents of the Broadmeadows Camp. Horses, too, all in a line, just waiting…

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