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Australian Flying Corps

Members of No. 4 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, standing in front of one of their Sopwith Camel aircraft at Clamerais. C.1918 Image courtesy AWM, E02332.

A number of Coburg men joined the Australian Flying Corps, mostly as 2nd class air mechanics.

4th Australian Flying Corps
HEATON, William Alfred , 1097, Private
NOY, James Clarence, 969, Acting Corporal
WILLIAMS, Victor James, 1133, Private

Australian Flying Corps (most were 2nd Class Air Mechanics)
ALLEN, George Keith, 3451
BARKER , Robert, 1428
BLISS, Frederick Roden, 2482
BRIDGLAND, Charles William Starling, 17302
BURBERRY, Frank, 2485
CAMPBELL, Donald, 3302
ELLSON, William, 2502
EVANSON, William, 3230
GIRAUD, Marius, 494
GLEESON, Harold Paul, 2699
JARVIE, Walter Keith, 2515
NEAL, Harold, 1777
POOLE, Philip Henry, 2643
REILLY, Robert, 316, Sergeant
ROGERS, Harry Malcomson, 2549
SWINBOURNE, Thomas Anthony, 1788
TOPPING, Frank Albert, 592, Private (of Croxton)
WILSON, Hector Allan, 955, Corporal (father was in Launceston)
WISHER, Leonard Stanley, 1329, Private
WINDMILL, Aubrey George Beddes, 2568

Royal Flying Corps

One man, 255 Private Thomas Henry Norman Powell, began his war as a member of the 2nd Field Ambulance. He was discharged from the AIF in 1917 to join the Royal Flying Corps so that he could become a pilot. 

He was appointed 2nd Lieutenant when he graduated as a pilot on 16 March 1917 and died on 24 April 1917 in an accident. 

His dossier records that he died from ‘a fracture of the skull caused from falling from an aeroplane.’ The press version was that he was flying at Northolt Airfield, Ruislip, Middlesex, lost control of his aircraft and crashed. (Bendigo Advertiser, 30 April 1917, p.8) 

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