Monday, 4 August 2014

The day before war was declared

Sports dominated the news in the Monday newspapers, as you might expect.

On Monday 3 August, 1914, the main news from Coburg was the weekend sports results.

Firstly, the footy:

Argus, Monday 3 August 1914, p.6.

Then the cycling:

Argus, Monday 3 August 1914, p.10.

And the cross country (held at Ballarat):

Ballarat Courier, 3 August 1914, p.9.

And finally, the lacrosse:

Argus, Monday 3 August 1914, p.10.

No one knew then that just one day later the world would be at war. 

And how were they to know that very soon each of these clubs would be farewelling some of their number or that not long after that they would be lamenting the loss of so many of the area's young athletes and sportsmen.

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